Printable Adding Doubles Worksheets

In math adding doubles plays an important role for the kids to know addition facts. This activity increases the math skills in adding the numbers. Adding a number with the same number makes the addition doubles. When we multiply a number by 2 we are just doubling the number being multiplied by two. Children can memorize the numbers adding doubles up to 25 so that they can increase the skills in adding the numbers orally and can score good marks in mental math.

If your child can recall the doubles of numbers below ten, they can also learn the following:

– Near doubles: if you know that 6 + 6 = 12, you can instantly work out that 6 + 7 = 13.
– Adjusted doubles: to work out 6 + 8, change it to 7 + 7 and use your doubles.
– Multiplication table of 2: same as your doubles!
– Halving: the reverse of your doubles.
– Quartering: If they can halve, they can quarter. Teach it by halving, and halving again.
– Percentages: You can even lead into percentages because 50% is one-half.

You also can practice adding doubles to your child. We have creative adding doubles worksheets. They are printable. Simply you can download them and use them with your child or student. I’m sure your child will enjoy working with them.