Printable 2D Shapes Worksheets

Children learn 2D shapes in early grades. 2D means Two-dimension. We normally talk about dimensions as measurements in a direction. Examples of dimensions include length, width or breadth, depth, and height.

In geometry, children learn about 2D shapes in school. They identify 2D shapes in grade 1. Continuously they learn all properties of 2D shapes in upper grades.

When working with fractions, children will often have to shade a fraction of a shape. They will have to relate their understanding of perimeter and area to 2D shapes.

Are you a parent or teacher? Both of you can use these activities easier for your kids or students. These worksheets support your children to improve their knowledge about 2D shapes at home as well as at school. Our worksheet collection contains all the types of 2D shapes worksheets for all grades. Simply download them and get printouts and use them properly.