Printable 3rd Grade Spelling Worksheets

Every child is different and you have to examine their level in academic tasks. They struggle to archive some competencies in their teaching-learning process. Spelling is one of them. Children make some common mistakes in spelling. Some of them are as follows.

– Using the wrong consonant (e.g., spelling cat as kat)
– Using the wrong vowel (e.g., spelling seat as seet)
– Leaving out consonants (e.g., spelling kicking as kiking)
– Leaving out a vowel (e.g., spelling plain as plan)
– Writing only one consonant, when a consonant should be doubled (e.g, spelling butter as butter)
– Leaving in an “e” that should be dropped (e.g., spelling riding as rideing)
Reversing letters (e.g., spelling foil as fiol)
– Leaving out the ”silent e” (e.g., spelling kite as kit)

There are many more. So, what we can do to stop them. Yes, we can use some strategies to avoid the above mistakes. Those are as follows:

+ Motivate to learn sight words and Dolch words.
+ Help to identify
– Individual letters (consonants and vowels)
– Blends (such as pl or sm)
– Digraphs (two letters that make one sound, such as sh or ng)
– Diphthongs (two vowels that form as one syllable, such as au or ai)
+ Help your child recognize word families.
+ Help your child memorize common spelling rules.

Practice is very important to be smart in spelling. We can help you with the above strategies. Yes, we have many creative worksheets to cover the above strategies. They contain all these activities to improve the spelling skill of your kids. These activity pages will supply you with many fresh ideas. Try them and help your kid to be a genius in spelling.