Printable Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

Importance of counting activities.

Counting is one of the most important early math skills. It helps to child to develop their critical thinking ability. Through this skill child can find the answer for “How many? Counting is an abstract concept. Through this child develops concentration skill too. Counting is the foundation of many math concepts.

Ways to Improve Counting Skills

:: Colorful abacus

Purchase an abacus with large, colorful beads. Line all the beads up on the left side and show children how they can slide one bead at a time towards the right

:: Magnetic numbers

At first, use several “1’s”, “2’s”, and “3’s”. Spread them out in no particular order on a table or the floor. Have fun arranging them in the correct order (1, 2, 3) .

:: Role-play games

:: Creative worksheets

:: Number Sort Cut and Paste Activity

The best way of helping your kid in counting journey.

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