Printable 6th Grade Algebra Worksheets

The arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division help us solve mathematical problems. Algebra deals with these concepts and can be considered as generalized arithmetic.

A variable is an important concept of algebra. It can be an object or a letter that represents a number of things. We use variables to represent unknowns, to represent quantities that vary, and generalize properties.

The letters of the English alphabet, as well as Roman symbols, are commonly used for variables.

Algebra for grade 6 champs

As 6th-grade student, you kid have to earn the followings:

– Evaluating Variable (Algebraic) Expressions
– Evaluate Expressions with Multiple Variables
– Expressions with Exponents & Negative Numbers
– Equations (Addition & Subtraction)
– Equations (Multiplication & Division)
– Equations (All 4 Operations)
– Equations with Decimals
– Equations with Fractions
– Equations (Mixed Numbers)
– Function Tables & Equations
– Terms, Variables, Coefficients & Constants
– Combine Like Terms (Introduction)
– Combine Like Terms (Add & Subtract)
– Combine Like Terms (Add & Subtract)
– Solve Equations: Combine Like Terms
– Distributive Property (Simplify Expressions)
– Inequalities on Number Lines
– Solve 1-Step Inequalities: Add & Subtract
– Solve 1-Step Inequalities: Multiply & Divide

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