Printable 1st Grade Alphabet Worksheets

We all know handwriting is an important skill, and it can be a difficult one for many children to master. As well as reading can be tricky for children, especially as they are exposed to new vocabulary as well as reading short and complex sentences. Let’s make learning fun with creative worksheets.

We want to help our little learners to learn the alphabet with our alphabet worksheets. Our activities are creative, teacher-made, and fun to complete. By using our worksheets, you can introduce new words to them. You can use our worksheets to practice handwriting skills also.

Things you can do to improve the handwriting skill of your little champ:

– Ask them to label objects of them like a lunch box, pencil
– Let your child use colored pencils to write.
– Use games or puzzles.
– Ask to copy the words.
– Write about a certain topic with them.
– Don’t stick with pencils on paper. Encourage writing on foggy mirrors, on wet sand, or with fingerpaints.