Printable 1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

These worksheets cover topics such as subtracting single-digit numbers, understanding the concept of subtraction as taking away and using pictures and objects to visualize subtraction problems. The worksheets include activities such as coloring, drawing, and counting to help students understand subtraction in a fun and interactive way. By completing these worksheets, first-grade students can develop a strong foundation in subtraction and prepare for more advanced math concepts in the future.

Here are some sample 1st-grade subtraction worksheets:

Subtraction with Pictures: Students are given pictures of objects and are asked to subtract a certain number of objects from the picture.

Subtraction with Numbers: Students are given subtraction problems with single-digit numbers and are asked to solve them by writing the answer in the blank.

Subtraction Word Problems: Students are given word problems that require subtraction and are asked to write the equation and solve the problem.

Missing Numbers: Students are given a subtraction problem with one number missing, and are asked to fill in the missing number.